Welcome to WavePlayer 3.0

This is the new Waveplayer 3 Standard skin, used in Dark Mode

WavePlayer is a fully customizable, responsive HTML5 waveform audio player plugin for WordPress. Its interface is built around the waveform of the audio file that is playing back. Here is a list of the main features of the audio player:

  • super-responsive interface, with a modern-looking style
  • customizable waveform animations
  • sticky player, configurable as a header or footer player, also compatible with AJAX page loading
  • HTML5 and CSS3 support
  • native Gutenberg Block and Elementor Widget
  • 6 different skins to adapt the audio player to your page
  • full integration with the WordPress Media Manager
  • full integration with WooCommerce Shop and Product pages

The Thumb’n’Wave skin is the perfect companion
for your WooCommerce Shop Page

All the audio tracks used on this website are from AudioJungle and property of their respective authors. Clicking on the title of the song you will be redirected to the page of the song on AudioJungle. Similarly, clicking on the the author’s names, you will go to their AudioJungle profile page.


Probably one of the most critical aspects of any previous version of WavePlayer, the loading time of the player always raised some concerns from the users, particularly in those situations where a slow or not well-optimized backend contributed to delay considerably every AJAX call. With WavePlayer 3 you can forget about loading times: WavePlayer will be immediately ready as soon as the page finishes loading.

This is because of two different changes: the main script doesn’t wait anymore for all the resources on a page to be completely loaded; and, most importantly, all the information WavePlayer needs to load the content of each instance will be transferred within the page itself


WavePlayer 3.0 comes with 6 responsive skins, allowing you to choose the visual aspect that you find best suited for your pages. In addition to the full customization capabilities that made WavePlayer the best-selling and best-rated plugin in the whole CodeCanyon WordPress Media category, you can now customize the factory skins or build your own skins altogether. And the most exciting feature is that the skin selection is not limited to one per website: you can even have players using different skins on the same page.

The new W3 Exhibition skin uses a blurred version of the thumbnail
of the track currently playing back as the player background.

The two new W3 skins’ responsiveness is not limited to the usual CSS media query because WavePlayer also takes into account the real computed width of its parent container. This way the interface is always arranged to accommodate what it truly can fit.

An example of the Play’n’Wave skin: its minimal interface makes it perfect for complementing a textual post with your latest podcast episode

The factory skin pack also includes “Play’n’Wave” and a “Thumb’n’Wave”, two skins that are the simplest and most effective companions for your WooCommerce products, on the product page and the shop page respectively.


Modern operating systems offer the possibility to switch their interface to Dark Mode. By choosing this setting, the user can decide whether the main interface of their device is light or dark. Recommended by many as a way to extend your devices’ battery life, this new option is becoming more and more popular and, of course, we could not miss it in WavePlayer 3.0. You can now configure your player to follow the color mode preference of the user device or force it to always be either light or dark. When WavePlayer is configured to follow the device color mode preference, the player will automatically switch the appropriate styling, so that each user can enjoy the player in their favorite environment.

WavePlayer Dark Mode can work in combination with your main WordPress theme but it can also operate regardless of your theme currently being compatible with Dark Mode or not. WavePlayer is ready to react to each user’s Dark Mode settings whether or not your theme is compatible with dark mode.

The WavePlayer 3 Standard skin, in both light and dark mode.


Featuring native support for both Gutenberg and Elementor, two of the most popular and well-integrated page builders in the market, WavePlayer 3 is by far the easiest and most intuitive player you can imagine. Building a page – such as the one you are looking at – has never been that easy! Both the Gutenberg block and the Elementor widget offer the full range of options making WavePlayer the most customizable audio player in the market. In both the builders, you will have access to every skin, every palette, every style, every single option that you can combine, even on the same page, to an endless number of combinations.

The new Gutenberg Block and Elementor Widget