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WavePlayer can automatically add a player to each product on both the Shop and the Single Product pages. The visual aspect of the product items below is what you get out of the box right after adding a preview file to your product. It is the most effortless integration you can think of between WooCommerce and an audio player. Furthermore, the list of compatible themes includes the most popular premium and free WordPress themes in the market: Avada, Astra, BeTheme, Bridge, Hestia, Mesmerize, Newspaper, Shopkeeper, StoreFront, TheGem, The7, just to name a few. This is possible because WavePlayer is carefully developed in compliance with the WooCommerce development guidelines.

With WavePlayer, you won’t need anymore those time-consuming and awkward tricks, such as manually adding a player to a product short description, or to customize your product page templates only to add an audio player. WavePlayer takes care of that for you.

If you want to have more information, check our article on how the integration with WooCommerce works.

An example of an automatic audio player in the shop page

What you see below is the WooCommerce shop page of the free version of the Mesmerize WordPress Theme as it shows just out of the box and with no extra customization. By default, WavePlayer uses its “Thumb’n’Wave” skin to replace the product thumbnail seamlessly integrating one player for each product.

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