What is new in version 2.0

new version features – playlist panel


WavePlayer finally features a visible list of all the tracks included in a single instance. The site administrator can easily configure the info and buttons shown on each row of the list. The style of the list can be easily adapted to your website using a set of custom CSS rules.


WavePlayer is very appreciated by its customers for its incredible customization capabilities. With the new version 2.0.0 the possibilities go even further. With the introduction of the new playlist panel, you can now customize the information shown on both the Info Bar and the playlist rows. The number of placeholders you can now use to customize the info shown has expanded. The webmaster can now customize both the Info Bar and the playlist adding buttons and stats for the most common utilities, including likes, social shares, download, play count and runtime. The system is easy and flexible, allowing you to customize what to show. For more information, please read how to customize Info Bar and Playlist.

info bar

woocommerce integration


WavePlayer is now fully compatible with WooCommerce. The integration aims to automate as much as possible the creation process for music products, such as music singles or music albums. The new features are not limited to a simple cart button added to each track but include a full list of options that will ease the way your audio tracks interact with your store. You can find more details in the page about working with WooCommerce.

new speed


All player instances in a single page are loaded simultaneously, reducing enormously the loading time and making the interaction with the server much faster and more efficient. For example, if you have 10 instances on a page, the older versions of WavePlayer sent 10 calls to the server, getting the playlist of each instance at a time. WavePlayer 2.0 analyzes the current page and send to the server a single request for all the instances on the page. This makes the interaction with the server more efficient and reduces the loading time enormously.


Audio tracks get analyzed as soon as they are uploaded to the Media Library. This way you do not have to wait for the waveform to be render when using a track for the first time, which is particularly useful for extremely large files. Moreover, a fully renovated Maintenance section allows you to Manage peak files more easily.

peak files