Using WavePlayer

WavePlayer 3 adds native support for both the new Gutenberg Block Editor and the acclaimed Elementor. By using the new WavePlayer Gutenberg Block or the WavePlayer Elementor Widget, you can insert a new player instance to your pages in the most intuitive and effortless way. No shortcodes, no copy and paste. Everything is fully visual, with instant feedback of how each instance will look like in your public page.


The new Gutenberg Block Editor was created by the same team that developed and actively maintains WordPress. It is no surprise that it is so well integrated within the core of your website backend.


With more than 5 million active installations, Elementor is arguably the most popular page builder in the market and for a good reason. If you love Elementor, you will love the new WavePlayer Elementor Widget that allows you to add a player instance in no time and customize it down to its finest detail.

Classic Editor

If you prefer to use the Classic Editor to create and edit your post and pages, you will still be able to add WavePlayer with the “Add Media” button, the same way it was possible in any previous version of WavePlayer, where this was the only possible method. In this case, you can follow this step-by-step guide. This method can also be helpful when your favorite page builder doesn’t support WavePlayer natively and you need to resort to a waveplayer shortcode.

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