Is WavePlayer compatible with Amazon S3, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud Storage or Wasabi?

The best way to integrate audio files in WavePlayer is to use the Media library. But we understand that not every web hosting provider can guarantee the speed, bandwidth and capacity to reliably host thousands of files. That is why we always recommend our customers to consider offloading your media files to a storage service, such as Amazon S3, Digital Ocean or Google Cloud Storage. Thanks to plugins such as WP Offload Media by DeliciousBrains, you can automatically offload your media files to a storage service by simply uploading your files to your local Media library, as you usually do. Here how this works:

  1. You upload a new file to your Media Library;
  2. WP Offload Media copies the file to your storage service;
  3. when WordPress requests that file, the resource will be loaded from the storage service instead of your local server;
  4. optionally, after the uploading process completes, you can configure the offloading plugin to remove the actual file from from your local server, so it doesn’t take up any space

If you want to learn more about how you can configure WP Offload Media with your website, I would recommend you read the following guides:

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