Does WavePlayer prevent the media files from being illegally downloaded?

WavePlayer doesn’t expose the URLs of your files in the page markup. This makes it harder for the average visitor to save a track that is being played back.

Nevertheless, any media content that is accessible by the browser is literally downloaded to the device of the visitor. No matter what technique you try to implement on your website, the final result is always that the browser must access the media file in order to read it, show it or play it back. That exposes the media file to the possibility of easily being downloaded by any visitor.

Downloading a file would be relatively easy for any visitor with a fair knowledge of how a website works and how to use the browser developer tools. If you have an eCommerce website that sells audio (music, sound effects, podcast episodes, etc), we recommend to never use the purchasable audio file as a preview file. A plugin such as WooCommerce protects the purchasable files in a special folder that is not accessible by the browser. That restriction makes it also not playable by any player because the browser would get a 403 error. In that case, the approach we suggest is creating a separate file to be used as a preview file. The preview file could be:

  • a shorter version of the purchasable file (like on Amazon or iTunes)
  • a file encoded in much lower bitrate (if your purchasable file are WAV 24 bit @ 48.kHz, your preview files could be 128 kB MP3 files)
  • a watermarked version of the purchasable file (like on AudioJungle)

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