iOS 13 and Safari compatibility issues

We all love Apple devices for their sleek finish and the interaction they offer to their users. Nonetheless, as a developer, we had to invest more time in adjusting things to cover any possible compatibility issues on Apple devices than on any other device, operating system and browser combined. And what makes things worse is that Apple is the company that arguably makes the transition to a new operating system the most inconsistent, frustrating and cringe-worthy experience, compared to any other manufacturer. To the extent that

In September 2019, a bug was notified to the WebKit developer team as affecting the new iOS 13 and breaking a feature of the WebAudio API that has been working just fine with every known version, since iOS 9. The functionality broken by iOS 13 is essential to render the waveform animations and, because of this bug, that feature won’t be available for anyone visiting your websites using an Apple device with iOS 13 installed, which unfortunately is currently the 85% of the total iOS users.

Our only alternative was to develop a fallback for iOS 13 that allowed the player to at least playback the tracks, although with no waveform animations.

We will update you in regard to this issue as soon as Apple “wakes up” and decides to fix this unbelievable mishap!