Goodbye, Envato!

My dear customers.

I want to thank you all for the appreciation you expressed for WavePlayer during the past eight years. I was grateful to see how the enormous amount of work I poured into this plugin paid off in terms of great reviews and a spotless rating of 5.0 stars. This has always been a hallmark of WavePlayer, particularly because I rarely solicited a review from you. Nonetheless, I reached the outstanding result of 155 reviews, none of which rated WavePlayer less than 5 stars. I always thought this was the best sign of how much you all appreciated WavePlayer and my tireless efforts in assisting you with getting the most out of it.

This has changed in the past couple of weeks. This impressive achievement was disrupted by a couple of reviews, the last of which claimed the plugin is buggy and not working as advertised in a 1-star review, when the reality is that the user did not make the bare minimum effort of going through the documentation or, even more effectively, contact me for support, as hundreds of you did before.

I must say, I was always proud of the success I had with that type of review because Envato has a precise policy trying to protect us authors against it. In fact, on numerous occasions, I managed to convert 1-star reviews into 5-star ones, not only proving to everyone that WavePlayer is a solid plugin but also that you can count on my tireless commitment to supporting and assisting you, much beyond my customer support responsibilities. This is because I simply hate to see unhappy customers, or even worse, customers who are not making the most out of WavePlayer and its remarkable set of features.

Unfortunately, in the last months, it has become more and more clear that none of my efforts are paying off and, despite being so close to becoming an Elite Author by selling this only item, Envato is abandoning us super-dedicated authors on several fronts, in an epic fashion!

First of all, their marketing strategies have changed and our revenues have plummeted to a level where this endeavor stops being sustainable. It would be impossible to identify for sure the real reason behind this change in the marketing approach but it sounds suspicious that all this is happening in the months leading to Envato being acquired by Shutterstock. More importantly, we have little protection against bad actors or bad-faith users who think it’s easier to leave a bad review than to show the courtesy of going through a professional support process, the quality of which is before anyone’s eyes to see. Lastly, but not less important, Envato prevents us authors from having any direct contact to our customers.

For all these reasons, I am forced to remove my product from CodeCanyon and the Envato Market and find a better place for it before my business gets hurt beyond unrepairable.

For those of you who have active support, you can still count on me through the support email

Anyone interested in purchasing WavePlayer will need to wait a few more days since I am currently creating a licensing page here on this website.

WavePlayer is not going to end here. I only want to find a better place where I can serve all of you in the most productive, efficient, and sustainable way. This is going to be for the best of all of us!

Thank you again for the love you expressed about WavePlayer in the past eight years!

Luigi Pulcini.