Barn2 WooCommerce Product Table

WavePlayer 3 improves the integration with the most popular addons for WooCommerce. The Barn2 WooCommerce Product Table is certainly among those.

The new version of WavePlayer adds native support to the Barn2 Product Table columns, allowing you to add a player instance in the most intuitive way possible. This makes WavePlayer arguably the easiest player with waveform capabilities that it is possible to integrate with the Barn2 WooCommerce Product Table plugin. By simply including a column called waveplayer to your columns option – either in the Product Table settings or in the shortcode of each product table –, WavePlayer will automatically retrieve the preview files associated with each product and print a player with the appropriate tracks in the corresponding column. No more acrobatics with short descriptions or custom field tricks: let WavePlayer take care of all this for you!

For example, the following shortcode:

[ product_table columns="waveplayer:Preview, name, price, add-to-cart" ]

creates a product table similar to the one below, with four columns respectively containing an instance of WavePlayer, the title of the product, its price and the button to add the product to the cart.

Yes, it truly is that easy!