Theme Compatibility

We tested WavePlayer using the most popular Premium and Free Themes in the market, in order to guarantee that all the integration capabilities WavePlayer is rich in work right out of the box.

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Hello Elementor
  • In regard to the integration with WooCommerce, WavePlayer will work out of the box with all the themes that accurately follow the WooCommerce Developer Guidelines and make proper use of both WordPress and WooCommerce core action and filters.
  • This page gets regularly updated. Since it is practically impossible to test every single theme in the market, if you don’t find your theme listed on this page, it doesn’t necessarily mean that WavePlayer is not going to work with it. Almost every theme we tested WavePlayer with worked right out of the box without any extra adjustment from our side. Some may require just a few adjustments in the CSS styling of the theme. Other themes that extensively customize the WooCommerce page templates without using the same core actions and filters WooCommerce uses would require additional adjustments.
  • All our compatibility tests are performed in a fresh WordPress installation, with just WooCommerce and WavePlayer and the theme being tested installed and active. Please be aware that, in your installation, some other plugin may create conflicts that prevent WavePlayer from working as expected.
  • The large proliferation of page builders makes it hard to add native support for each of them. WavePlayer comes with native support for the Classic Editor, the Gutenberg Block Editor and the Elementor editor, in addition to the usual shortcode. In any other page builder, inserting WavePlayer in a Text editor or by its shortcode should still be possible but it is not guaranteed that it will successfully load the required resources, particularly inside the builder itself (the front end should render correctly, though). While we are always interested in expanding the list of page builders WavePlayer natively supports, the development may take some time.
  • If you find that the integration of WavePlayer is problematic with the Theme you are currently using, please CONTACT US and we will be happy to guide you to a successful configuration.