2.3.0 — 2018-07-27
NEW: The icons are now using Font Awesome 5.0

WARNING! The transition to Font Awesome 5 required also a few minor CSS adjustments that may create some discrepancies in your current styling, particularly if you added your own set of CSS rules to customize the player. For this reason we encourage you to test WavePlayer 2.3.0 in a staging environment before upgrading your live website. Alternatively, we recommend you to have the previous version 2.2.2 available to restore your previous working configuration.

NEW: A more streamlined HTML markup that makes it easier to customize the player using your favorite style
NEW: In the Maintenance page of the Settings, you can now generate the peak files for all the audio attachments in the Media library.
NEW: The way all the instances on a page load is now selectable in the Player Options settings
NEW: If WooCommerce is active and a track is associated with a product, two new placeholders are available in the Infobar and Playlist row templates: product_id and product_url
NEW: The info available for each track can now be filtered to make any custom information available in the frontend.
NEW: The thumbnail images use img elements with srcset and sizes attributes, allowing the browser to always select the best image resolution
NEW: When using the “Add to cart” button, the icon now changes to a spinnner until the completion of the operation
NEW: The cart button now reacts to the AJAX mini cart, so that when an item is removed from the cart using AJAX, the cart button reflects that change immediately (requires WooCommerce 3.5.0)
FIX: In the post editor, it is now possible to edit the audio and playlist shortcodes, with a visual rendition of WavePlayer, if the overriding option is active
FIX: The title attributes of the icon appearing in the Info bar or the playlist are now passed through the localization variable and, as such, they are fully translatable
BUGFIX: WavePlayer hangs loading the instances when WordPress is installed in a subfolder of the root
2.2.2 — 2018-07-14
NEW: JS and CSS files are now minified. Moreover, the front-end comes with a single script.
BUGFIX: The Custom CSS and Custom JS are not incorporated into the page
2.2.1 — 2018-07-13
NEW: When a new audio file is loaded for the first time, a message displays the progress of the audio analysis before rendering the waveform
BUGFIX: In the Waveform tab of the Settings, the waveform preview is blank
BUGFIX: In the post editor, sporadically the preview of the player does not show up correctly
2.2.0 — 2018-07-11
NEW: The title attribute of the icons in the info bar and playlist row are now translatable using the .po/.mo files
FIX: The compatibility with Safari 9 and Safari 10 has been restored for desktops, tablets and smartphones
FIX: Minor compatibility issues in the Product and Store pages
BUGFIX: When pausing a track, the next playback always starts from the beginning instead of the current time
BUGFIX: Spinning pause icon when the player completes a track loading
2.1.4 — 2017-11-08
BUGFIX: WavePlayer trigger an error while trying to generate waveforms for newly uploaded tracks
2.1.3 — 2018-10-25
BUGFIX: Social buttons broken with update to version 2.1.0
2.1.2 — 2018-10-24
BUGFIX: The cart button did not work properly starting from version 2.1.0
2.1.1 — 2018-10-22
NEW: WavePlayer can now correctly calculate the width of the waveform area even when the player instance is inside an hidden element
CHANGE: Because of the previous feature, the ‘AJAX Containers’ option was permanently removed
2.0.10 — 2017-04-28
NEW: Added a “limit” parameter to the shortcode, so you can get only the first n result in combination with the “music_genre” parameter
FIX: WooCommerce 3.0 deprecated the Download Type option. This made WavePlayer’s integration malfunctioning

WARNING! With the introduction of WooCommerce 3.0, WavePlayer is not compatible anymore with any of the previous versions. We encourage you to update your copy of WooCommerce.

BUGFIX: On iOS devices, playback does not start when clicking on a playlist row
2.0.9 — 2017-02-27
BUGFIX: Missing info and cover art for remote files
2.0.8 — 2017-02-19
NEW: When the playlist is scrollable, jumping to a track makes the corresponding item in the list visible
2.0.7 — 2017-02-19
BUGFIX: The option “Jump to the next player” does not stay checked saving the settings
2.0.6 — 2017-02-04
BUGFIX: Downloads counter does not get updated
2.0.5 — 2017-02-08
NEW: WavePlayer now overrides both audio and playlist shortcodes
BUGFIX: Activation fails on WordPress versions older than 4.5
2.0.4 — 2017-01-24
NEW: WavePlayer now supports auto update from the Plugins page
BUGFIX: WooCommerce product thumbnail not showing for non-music products
2.0.3 — 2017-01-24
BUGFIX: Players on WooCommerce product pages always show in large size
2.0.2 — 2017-01-23
NEW: Added a track sharer for LinkedIn
BUGFIX: Peak files for new external files don’t get generated
2.0.1 — 2017-01-13
BUGFIX: Player does not load on website where WooCommerce is not installed or active
BUGFIX: Players don’t show the spinning icon when page is loading
BUGFIX: On WooCommerce Shop Page, the first item never gets listed
BUGFIX: When batch creating WooCommerce products, progress bar doesn’t work properly
2.0.0 — 2017-01-11
NEW: A new customizable Playlist Panel: webmasters can configure the info and buttons displayed on each row
NEW: WooCommerce integration: Preview Files and Music Type (singles or albums) for simple, virtual, music, downloadable products
NEW: WooCommerce integration: plenty of options to automatically integrate the player in your music products
NEW: WooCommerce integration: webmasters can now create products based on audio files using a batch process. It is also possible to add a cart button on both the Info Bar and the Playlist Panel that interact with WooCommerce cart through AJAX
NEW: Peak files now get generated upon uploading of new audio files
NEW: Loading times have been reduced enormously. WavePlayer now loads all the instances on one page with a single AJAX call to the server. This allows all the instances to load simultaneously
NEW: New placeholders to insert info and buttons (like, share, cart, statistics) in both the Info Bar and the Playlist Panel
NEW: Plugin’s options don’t get removed from the database when removing the plugin. This is particularly useful when updating to a new version of the plugin without losing your favorite settings
NEW: Managing peak files from the Maintenance tab of the Settings page is now easier and more advanced
NEW: Thumbnails for audio files in the Media Library can now show the title of a track instead of the file
NEW: A new method “refresh” that allows you to force the redraw of the waveform and is particularly useful when loading or showing content via javascript
NEW: Current position and total length of the current track are now shown on the waveform
FIX: Minor CSS improvements
1.4.2 — 2016-10-13
BUGFIX: Info Bar broken when inserting the %file% placeholder
BUGFIX: Mouse hovering the waveform did not produce the right effect
1.4.1 — 2016-05-28
BUGFIX: Playback was not available until all instances in the page completed loading
1.4.0 — 2016-05-28
NEW: Thanks to a completely rewritten AJAX call strategy, instance loading is now twice as fast as before.
NEW: In case of multiple instances in one page, the instances load in the order they appear on the page (from top to bottom).
NEW: It is now possible to choose whether WavePlayer override the audio shortcode or not
NEW: WavePlayer is now fully compatible with Internet Explorer 11. The compatibility with Internet Explorer 9 and 10 will be improved soon.
BUGFIX: The audio shortcode did not look correctly in the Post Editor and it was not possible to edit its content.
1.3.4 — 2016-04-03
NEW: When automatically replacing an audio shortcode, WavePlayer now tries to verify if the URL provided actually corresponds to an attachment in the Media Library. If it does, it replace the URL with the ID of such attachment.
1.3.3 — 2016-04-03
BUGFIX: Automatic replacement of audio shortcodes does not work if the src attribute is not provided
1.3.2 — 2016-02-11
NEW: The Info Bar will automatically hide if one of the placeholders used in the template does not get replaced by any data value
NEW: A spinning icon shows the loading status of the player. This is particularly useful when loading a file for the first time or from a remote location.
BUGFIX: Getting peaks for remote audio files generates cross domain XHR error
1.3.1 — 2016-02-10
BUGFIX: Track’s title not displaying properly when original audio file does not have the corresponding ID3 tag
1.3.0 — 2016-02-10
NEW: Introducing a new taxonomy ‘Music Genre’ for attachments
NEW: Create a player that will automatically include all audio files pertaining to one or more ‘Music Genre’
NEW: Create an instance simply providing the URL of an external audio file: WavePlayer will retrieve all the info stored in the ID3 tags, including a cover art picture if available, and make a local copy for a faster future access (only the ID3 tags and the cover art will be stored locally, not the audio file).
NEW: Customize the default image that appears when a track does not have its own thumbnail
FIX: Color Pickers now work also in the Media Manager, not only in the WavePlayer Settings page
FIX: Minor interface improvements
1.2.2 — 2016-02-03
BUGFIX: Default settings not applying correctly to the shortcode when editing its properties in the Media Manager
BUGFIX: ‘autoplay’ not working properly in combination with ‘repeat_all’
FIX: A recent Chrome update changed some CSS default behaviors that messed up with the aspect of the player controls
FIX: Minor improvements to the styling of the player controls
1.2.1 — 2016-02-01
BUGFIX: WavePlayer preview not showing properly in the post editor on some WordPress multisite installations
1.2.0 — 2016-01-15
NEW: Multisite support. WavePlayer is now fully compatible with any WordPress Multisite installation
FIX: Graphic improvements in Safari
1.1.2 — 2016-01-14
NEW: Added a volume control
NEW: Added a button to toggle the visibility of the title bar
BUGFIX: “No container found” error in javascript of the admin area
BUGFIX: the “NEXT” skip button disappears on last track even with repeat_all activated if the playlist only contains two tracks
1.0.18 — 2016-01-12
First release