Using multiple skins on the same page

With WavePlayer 3 you have now the possibility to use multiple skins on the same page. The page you are reading now was assembled using the Gutenberg editor. After structuring the page and adding several players to each section, each player was adjusted to use one of the six skins included with the plugin. For […]

Overriding the default player

WavePlayer has the capability of overriding the WordPress default audio player. This means that, right after installing WavePlayer, all the shortcodes you have already inserted in your post will be replaced with WavePlayer automatically, without any need to re-edit your posts or change anything in your configuration. Of course, we strongly encourage you to deactivate […]

Using WavePlayer with AJAX-powered Themes

AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript And Xml) is a technique incorporated by many themes and plugins nowadays. If you ever experienced a website that is capable of loading new web content in single portions of a web page, without the need to reload the whole page itself, you have already used – albeit without knowing it – […]

Embedding WavePlayer

This example shows you how to embed an audio file in other websites using WavePlayer.

Playlist with max-height

In this example, a specific CSS rule is applied to the playlist to set its maximum height. As a result, the playlist will only show a limited number of tracks but, while playing back, WavePlayer will automatically scroll up or down to make sure the current track is always visible.

Sizes and shapes

WavePlayer comes with four default size and three different shapes for the thumbnail. You can set your favorite combination in the Settings, but you can also customize each instance individually using the adjusting the shortcode in the post editor.