The best companion
for your audio website

A super-responsive interface

The right size
for every placement

WavePlayer goes beyond the media query technique,
gracefully adapting every player to the size of its container.

Seamless WooCommerce integration

Automatic players
for your audio products

Simply select a preview file in the WooCommerce product editor, the same way you already do for your downloadable files, and WavePlayer will automatically add a player to your products, everywhere in the website.

Check the Shop Example to see this in action!

Native support for Gutenberg and Elementor

Add it to your pages
by using your favorite editor

WavePlayer comes with a native Gutenberg Block and an Elementor Widget, too. And if you are using a different page builder, you can still add a player with its shortcode.

Six responsive skins

Pick the best skin
for every situation

You can select the best skin that suits every situation, even when you need different skins for each player on the same page. You also have the option to design your own skins while taking advantage of the feature-rich engine WavePlayer comes with.

Dark Mode support

If your theme is ready
so is WavePlayer

Every skin is carefully designed for both light and dark mode. But WavePlayer can also follow the setting of your computer or mobile device. This way, the player displays in light or dark depending on your visitors’ device settings.

5-star customer support

Going way beyond
the call of duty

We pride ourselves on one of the best customer supports in the whole Envato Market. Our spotless 5-star rating is the strongest proof of how much we care about our customer satisfaction.

A few words from our customers



If you are looking for the best audio player for your website, look no further! This is absolutely an incredible plugin! It is fast, fully compatible with WooCommerce and has a lot of customization options. It is totally worth your money!

Luigi's customer support is amazing! He is very nice to you and when having trouble with the plugin he is always happy to assist you and keeps helping till the problem is solved, and the support is also really fast. definitely recommend this plugin!


Collector Level 5

Nice support, one of the best on Envato!


Composer, Power Elite Author

How has it taken me so long to see this!!? I’ve been looking for something just like this for a long time now.


Composer, Elite Author

Easy to install, quick to customize and looks great. Thanks for a fantastic item!


Voice Over Professional

My 5-star rating is for customer support, customizability, feature availability, flexibility, and pretty much everything else. Never before, in all my years (I'm getting old!), have I ever witnessed such superior above-and-beyond-the-call customer support. I'm seriously blown away... a great product, managed by a great company. I wish there were more developers that acted so awesome. If you have any hesitations, hopefully, my testimonial helps!



Absolutely amazing! This plugin totally surpassed my expectations. I was kind of expecting it to be a lot of work to implement and even prepared myself for the waveform generation not working at all, but everything is working like a charm right out of the box!

Didn't even need to update my audio tags, since the plugin has the ability to just "take over" the existing audio tags.

I'm so impressed with the performance, design and flexibility of this plugin that I'm even in the process of replacing all my embedded SoundCloud players and just use my self-hosted files with this plugin.

Thank you so much for making this amazing WordPress plugin!